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The Gerontological Society of America

James Appleby
Executive Director and CEO
Phone: 202-587-2821
Fax: 202-587-2850

Judie Lieu
Senior Director, Innovation
Phone: 202-587-2838
Fax: 202-587-5869

Paul Stearns
Senior Director, Membership, Communications, and Branding
Phone: 202-587-2833
Fax: 202-587-5864

Carly Bushong
Meetings and Education Manager
Phone: 202-587-2831
Fax: 202-587-5862

Michele Duchin
National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence Program Manager
Phone: 202-587-2828
Fax: 202-587-2857

Mimi Frazier
Hartford Change AGEnts Initiative Coordinator
Phone: 202-587-5894
Fax: 202-587-5895

Kelsey Heinze
Member Engagement and Social Media Manager
Phone: 202-587-2847
Fax: 202-587-5878

Kathleen Jackson
Managing Editor
Phone: 202-538-6150

Jennifer Kaufer
Hartford National Center on Gerontological Social Work Excellence Program Coordinator
Phone: 202-587-5880
Fax: 202-587-5881

Jessica Lutton
Director of Marketing & Innovation
Phone: 202-587-5882
Fax: 202-587-5883

Julia Meashey
Hartford Change AGEnts Initiative Director of Operations
Phone: 202-587-2837
Fax: 202-587-5868

ason Hawthorne Petty
Exhibits and Advertising Manager
Phone: 202-587-2830
Fax: 202-587-5861

Anthony Rogers
Director of Information Technology
Phone: 202-587-2840
Fax: 202-587-5871

Linda Krogh Harootyan
Deputy Executive Director
Senior Director, Professional Affairs, Advocacy, and Grant Development
Phone: 202-587-2822
Fax: 202-587-2851

Annette Schmidt
Senior Director, Strategic Alliances and Business Development
Phone: 202-590-8008
Fax: 865-458-3046

Chris Yoder
Senior Director, Finance and Administration
Phone: 202-587-2825
Fax: 202-587-2854

Jilan Chen
Phone: 202-587-2827
Fax: 202-587-2856

Rebecca Finer
Hartford National Center on Gerontological Social Work Excellence Program Manager
Phone: 202-587-2835
Fax: 202-587-5866

J Taylor Harden
National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence Executive Director
Phone: 202-587-2843
Fax: 202-587-5874

Carrie Johnson
Awards/Fellowship/Governance Senior Coordinator
Phone: 202-587-5884
Fax: 202-587-5885

Todd Kluss
Communications Manager
Editor, Gerontology News
Phone: 202-587-2839
Fax: 202-587-5870

Megan McCutcheon
Publications Manager
Phone: 202-587-5886

Kimberly Muse-Griffith
Executive Assistant and Office Manager
Phone: 202-587-2824
Fax: 202-587-2853

Penny Roberts

National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence Program Manager
Phone: 202-587-2841
Fax: 202-587-5872

Kathryn Zahm
Hartford Change AGEnts Initiative Manager
Phone: 202-587-2832
Fax: 292-587-5863

National Academy on an Aging Society
Greg O'Neill
Phone: 202-587-2842
Fax: 202-587-5873

Association for Gerontology in Higher Education
Angela Baker
Phone: 202-587-2844
Fax: 202-587-5875

Emily Lubin
Program Coordinator
Phone: 202-587-2846
Fax: 202-587-5877