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Baby Boomers & Marketing
News and Magazine Articles
Journal Articles
  • Baby Boom Consumers and Technology: Shooting Down Stereotypes (Niemela-Nyrhinen; Journal of Consumer Marketing; 2007)
  • A Comparison of Younger and Older Baby Boomers: Investigating the Viability of Cohort Segmentation (Reisenwitz and Iyer; Journal of Consumer Marketing; 2007)
Congressional Records
  • The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm (Gronbach; 2008)
  • Advertising to Baby Boomers (Nyren; 2007)
  • Boom: Marketing to the Ultimate Power Consumer-the Baby Boomer Woman (Brown and Orsborn; 2006)
  • The 50 + Market (Stroud; 2005)
  • Ageless Marketing (Wolfe; 2003)
  • Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers: Perceptions, Principles, Practices & Predictions (Green; 1998)