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Policy Center

Welcome to GSA's policy branch, the National Academy on an Aging Society!

As a non-partisan public policy institute, the Academy actively conducts and compiles research on issues related to population aging and provides information to the public, the press, policymakers, and the academic community. We encourage you to contact us with your questions and comments.

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GSA invites you to learn how to translate your research into political action.  See how GSA participates in advocacy and share your own opinions with policymakers.

  • Basic Toolkit: From writing letters to your Congressmen to Capitol Hill Visits, this basic toolkit teaches you how to advocate for aging issues.
  • Partner Organizations: GSA engages in advocacy through its active participation in aging-focused coalitions.
Policy Publications

The National Academy on an Aging Society produces publications aimed at providing researchers, teachers, students, and citizens interested in aging-related issues with valuable policy information.  Our publications include:

  • Public Policy & Aging Report: This quarterly report edited by Boston University policy expert Robert B. Hudson is designed to stimulate debate, highlight emerging concerns, and propose policy solutions to the policy issues generated by the aging of American society.
  • Public Policy & Aging E-Newsletter: This free, bimonthly e-newsletter highlights key developments and viewpoints in the field of aging policy from a wide variety of sources, including articles and reports circulating in the media, academy, think tanks, private sector, government and nonprofit organizations.
  • Civic Engagement E-Newsletter: This free e-newsletter informs readers about efforts to advance research, programs, and policy that support older adults as a civic resource.
  • Policy Columns from Gerontology News: Written by GSA's policy advisor, Brian Lindberg, this collection of Policy Columns covers advocacy tips, legislative forecasts, interviews with political figures, and Capitol Hill updates.

These resources aim to provide insightful and current information on aging and policy issues to a broad audience.

  • Hot Topics in Aging: A closer look into today’s most pressing aging issues, Hot Topics provides resources for these important, and often controversial, topic areas.
  • Aging Organizations: This expansive list of organizations includes governmental agencies, non-profits, policy institutes, and research centers dedicated to aging.
  • Data Sets and Demographics: These websites provide extensive data sets on trends in populations, health, and aging.