GSA’s 75th Anniversary

Celebrate 75 Years of Innovation In Aging


GSA is marking 75 years of leadership for the field of gerontology in 2020. To recognize this milestone, the Society is showcasing its impact through our journals, meetings, programming, advocacy and policy efforts. We’re celebrating the collective accomplishments of members that have strengthened the field of aging and will empower us for further success in the future.

In honor of GSA’s 75th Anniversary we are seeking contributions from all members and partners in support of this historic anniversary. GSA is inviting all members to help enrich the future by supporting establishment of new professional development and career enhancement resources for members.

Join us for:

  • Contribute to the 75th Anniversary Fundraising campaign – Honor the Past – Enrich the Future. All donations go to creation of new GSA professional development and career enhancement resources.
  • Submit a symposium proposal to the GSA 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting in Philadelphia focused on key research advances with an emphasis on the future directions and next steps.
  • Celebrate this milestone in your professional community with a toolkit of resources.

Coming soon...

  • The GSA Journals will be publishing specially commissioned anniversary articles. 
  • Press activities to help strengthen our voice and educate policymakers on Capitol Hill about the field of aging.
  • A series of podcasts and videos which will showcase GSA members’ contributions to the field.

Stay tuned for more information as we announce activities throughout the year!

We want to acknowledge the hard work of the members of the GSA 75th Anniversary Workgroup:

  • Rosemary Blieszner, Chair
  • Mary Beth Arensberg
  • Ashley Bryant
  • Ellen Cameron
  • Sean Curran
  • Kathy Hyer
  • Timothy Kauffman
  • Suzanne Kunkel
  • Margie Lachman
  • Natalie Leland
  • Chivon Mingo
  • Darina Petrovsky
  • Jim Powers
  • Barbara Resnick
  • Darlene Yee-Melichar
  • Nancy Wilson

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