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From Publication to Practice: An interdisciplinary look at new developments in the prevention and treatment of influenza in older adults - PDF Download Only

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This publication provides readers with information on how new advances in disease prevention, treatment, and management may improve elder care and quality of life.  After reading this publication, the gerontologist will be able to do the following:
- Identify new scientific evidence supporting licensing of the first high-dose flu vaccine for use in the aging population.
- Describe the effectiveness of the immune response in elders.
- Discuss what considerations clinicians should take into account to help older adults be receptive to new medications.
- Recognize the medical implications of this new treatment option.
- Describe public health implications of this new treatment option and consideration of immunization policies for long-term care centers and health care institutions.
- Discuss the incidences of vaccine-preventable diseases in individuals ages 65 years and older.
- Identify resources for current information on vaccine developments, including manufacturing processes of vaccine production, and highlight new advances in production technology.

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