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From Publication to Practice: Addressing the Societal Burden of Opioid Misuse: Focus on a Balanced Approach to Older Adults with Chronic Pain

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This special publication aims to ensure that researchers, practitioners, educators, and policy experts are aware issues that affect the safe use of opioids in older adults.   
This issue of From Publication to Practice describes the principles of balanced pain management in older adults. It also discusses strategies to prevent misuse and abuse of opioids, including abuse deterrent formulations, patient and prescriber education to support appropriate opioid use, and safe opioid storage and disposal.  
We believe that addressing this important topic in our From Publication to Practice series will assist you in better understanding factors that may influence the misuse, abuse, and diversion of opioids that are prescribed to older adults as well as strategies to support safe opioid use as one component of an overall balanced approach to managing pain.
We wish to acknowledge the insights and contributions of four GSA representatives from different member sections who shaped this publication, which was developed by GSA and supported by Mallinckrodt.  

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