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From Policy to Practice: An Interdisciplinary Look at Recent FDA Policy Changes for Acetaminophen and the Implications for Patient Care

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This special publication aims to ensure that researchers, practitioners, educators, and policy makers are aware of major policy issues at federal, state, and local levels that impact the prevention, assessment, and treatment of pain, as well as the social and practical supports required by older adults with pain.   
This issue of From Policy to Practice describes the background of acetaminophen use and overdose in the United States, the prevalence and consequences of overdose, the response by the FDA, and actions that practitioners and researchers can take to reduce the risk of acetaminophen overdose among older adults.
We believe that this issue in our From Policy to Practice series will assist you in better understanding the complex interplay between policy and care for older adults with pain, who are often vulnerable and in need of multifaceted interventions and assistance. We wish to acknowledge the insights and contributions of three GSA representatives from different member sections who shaped this publication, which was developed by GSA and supported by McNeil Consumer Healthcare.

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