Call for Abstracts

The call for abstracts will open mid-December.

GSA President Nancy Morrow-Howell, MSW, PhD, has chosen "New Lens on Aging, Changing Attitudes, Expanding Possibilities” as the 2016 meeting theme. She wrote, "This theme reflects my scholarly interest on productive engagement in later life as well as my on-going concern about ageism. Research has demonstrated that ageism is still alive and well in our attitudes, behaviors, programs, and policies; and it affects employment, health care practices, psychological well-being, family dynamics, and more. I hope you will think about how our work can contribute to changing ageist attitudes that limit the potential of late life, that undermine our efforts to promote healthy aging and that thwart the development of age-inclusive communities."

Abstract Information

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – Abstract Submission Deadline
  • Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – Pre-Conference Workshop Application Deadline
  • Late July 2015 – Late Breaker Poster Session Submissions will Open; details will be available in July.
  • Late July 2015 – Abstract Acceptance/Non-Acceptance Email Notifications
  • Tuesday, September 13, 2016 – Late Breaker Poster Submission Deadline
  • Early October – Late Breaker Poster acceptance/non-acceptance Email Notifications

Submission Fees

Symposium: $35
Paper or Poster: $25
Paper or Poster (students): $20

GSA Section

The program is organized five areas: these include GSA’s four sections- Behavioral and Social Sciences; Biological Sciences; Health Sciences; Social Research, Policy, and Practice, as well as a fifth option—Interdisciplinary. When you submit an abstract, you are applying to one of these five areas.

Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS)
Submissions are sought that address topics related to the full range of behavioral and social science issues in gerontology. Proposed symposia should include multiple perspectives on important scholarly and educational issues in gerontology; they can be submitted by emerging scholars and all levels of professionals.

Biological Sciences (BS)
Paper and poster submissions are sought that report on research relevant to the fundamental biological processes of aging. Contributed paper submissions that are aligned with the already established symposia series topics are encouraged. See for a list of symposium topics.

Health Sciences (HS)
Submissions are sought that reflect a broad range of multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary clinical, health services, epidemiologic, and translational research. Physicians, nurses, dentists, nutritionists, therapists, doctoral trainee scientists, and other professionals conducting clinical and population research on the health of older individuals will present and discuss their work with a multidisciplinary audience. Submissions that cross disciplinary boundaries are encouraged.

Social Research, Policy, and Practice (SRPP)
Submissions are sought that address the promotion of the social well-being of older people through the scientific study of the social, political, and economic contexts of aging. Symposium submissions that emphasize a theoretical perspective are particularly sought. Also encouraged are abstract submissions that reflect scholarly collaboration between beginning and senior investigators.

Each year, one SRPP symposium is designated as the Ollie Randall Symposium. This recognition is given to a high-quality submission that examines cutting-edge issues with broad implications for policy or practice. All symposium submissions will automatically be considered.

Interdisciplinary (ID)
Submissions are sought that reflect a broad range of multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary research, not specific to a particular section.

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