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Mar 32019
  • 3rd Interventions in Aging Conference

    A plethora of genetic, dietary and pharmacological interventions can extend healthy lifespan in laboratory animals, and can delay or ameliorate diverse aging-related diseases. Many of the signalling pathways involved are evolutionarily conserved, and are starting to be implicated in human aging. This raises the intriguing possibility of performing preventative medicine against the chronic diseases of our time by targeting the main risk factor for all of them, namely aging. Two important current challenges in the field are (1) to understand the downstream pathways by which longevity interventions combat age-related loss of function and pathology, and (2) to translate the findings into the extension of human healthspan.

    This third meeting will continue to explore these topics, with particular emphasis on the systemic environment, mitochondria, biomarkers and frailty, immune aging and the protective effects of natural products.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify and understand translational approaches to extend human healthspan
    • Understand emergent areas of research in aging
    • Obtain an advanced view on the molecular biology and genetics of aging
    • Understand for profit approaches to mitigate human aging

    Scientific chairs: Linda Partridge (University College London) and Brian Kennedy (The Buck Institute for Research on Aging)

Apr 152019
  • 2019 Aging in America Conference

    AiA19, taking place April 15-18 in New Orleans, is a great opportunity to learn best practices and gain insights from leaders in the field about the current state of aging in America. It is the place to be for knowledge, inspiration and networking with others who are dedicated to improving the lives of older adults. 

    The 2019 conference will have strong focus on critical and emergent topics facing the field of aging, as well as cutting-edge and responsive programmatic, research, policy and advocacy efforts. Topics include: social isolation, emergency/disaster readiness, housing and transportation access, caregiving, substance use/opioid crisis, multiple aspects of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, technology, intergeneational models, population health, and shifting policy and legistative issues affecting older adults. 

May 202019
  • RCPE Course: Edinburgh International Course in Medicine of the Older Adult

    Edinburgh International Course in Medicine of the Older Adult
    Monday 20 to Friday 24 May 2019

    The Edinburgh International Course in Medicine of the Older Adult takes place from Monday 20 - Friday 24 May 2019. Run annually by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, it attracts approx. 100 senior-level geriatricians from around the world, providing updates on policy and practice of elderly medicine in the UK by experts in their field, as well as a great networking opportunity. This year the programme focusses again on the 'geriatric giants', with day topics on mobility, cognition, continence, common comorbidities, and frailty. Delegates can attend the whole week or individual days. There is also an attractive social programme and two free afternoons to explore our beautiful city. To view the programme and book online, visit:


    For further details, contact Josie Kirk on





Jul 102019
  • British Society of Gerontology 2019 Annual Conference: Resilience and Living Well in Local Communities

    Abstract submission and conference registration is now open for the British Society of Gerontology (BSG) 2019 Annual conference, the UK's premier multi-disciplinary conference for the promotion of gerontological research.  The theme for the conference is Resilience and Living Well in Local Communities. We welcome submission from all those interested in researchering ageing and later life.

    The deadline for abstract submission is Thursday 24 January 2019.

    Full details are available at

    Twitter: @BSGLiverpool19 #BSG2019

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