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The Science of Families: Nurturing Hope, Happiness, & Health

Location : Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland
Contact : Dr. Tammy Henderson
The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) holds a firm commitment to nurture the healthy development of families. For over 80 years, family values have been woven in the mission, professional practice, and advocacy efforts of the members of NCFR. Nurturing the well-being and health of families requires an examination of risk factors (e.g., health, housing, economic, and educational inequities) and protective mechanisms, such as hope, happiness, and health. Scholars have operationalized hope, happiness, and health as resilience, life satisfaction, quality of life, personal happiness, marital satisfaction, protective factors, joy, agency, social support, family cohesion, and resilience.

To create a coherent conference, presenters are charged with honoring diverse meaning-making, exploring the values that promote healthy development, and creating a multi- and trans-disciplinary dialog to explore the ways in which families thrive in the presence of joyous occasions, daily life, and major life and/or traumatic events. A few relevant definitions include hope, the capacity and confidence to develop solutions to desires, and happiness, positive emotions of meaning and purpose. Likewise, we will examine how physical health, including neurological studies and mental health influence the development of families.

The conference theme of The Science of Families: Nurturing Hope, Happiness, & Health, encourages the use of a (a) transdisciplinary, (b) strength-based, (c) culturally aware, (d) sociopolitical, (e) historical, (f) economic, and (g) broad contextual lens to explore adaptive behaviors, attitudes, and coping strategies used by families to thrive. Authors are invited to use an affirmative tone in their works, and to expand their program methods, research questions, best practices, implications, conclusions, translational science recommendations, and future work to include various constructs of hope, happiness, and health, such as resilience, strengths, and positive genius, mindfulness, and more.

Presenters are encouraged to develop sessions with the voices of researchers, practitioners, instructors, administrators, leaders, and advocates for social change. Likewise, our conference will include equitable, collaborative partnerships among government agencies, universities, communities, faith-based institutions, non-profits, and more to deconstruct hope, happiness, and health.

Engage with us as we create a space of hope!


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