Program Committee

 Ardelt Monika Ardelt
University of Florida
Humanities and the Arts Representative 
 Bern Klug  Mercedes Bern-Klug
The University of Iowa
 Crimmins  Eileen Crimmins
University of Southern California
BSS Program Chair
Davies   Kelvin Davies
University of Southern California
BS Program Chair
 Ekerdt  David Ekerdt
University of Kansas
Chair and GSA President
 Emerson Kerstin Emerson
University of Georgia
AGHE Co-Chair
 Harootyan Bob Harootyan
Senior Service America Inc.
SRPP Program Chair
 Hirschman Karen Hirschman
University of Pennsylvania
Interest Group Representative
 Justice Jamie Justice
Wake Forest School of Medicine
ESPO Program Chair
 Moorman Sara Moorman
Boston College
 Strotmeyer Elsa Strotmeyer
University of Pittsburgh
HS Program Chair

ACHS NEW   This Continuing Education activity is jointly provided by The Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower and The Gerontological Society of America.

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