GSA Ambassador Program


The GSA Ambassador Program will spread awareness of the field of aging, as well as serve as a networking tool linking individuals with an interest in gerontology from all over the country and abroad with The Gerontological Society of America.

  • Campus coordination and generation of aging-related interests (careers, courses, service, etc.)
  • Campus outreach
  • Introduction of the GSA organization, and the Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization (ESPO), if applicable, to new individuals

Program Objectives

  1. Generate awareness of GSA and ESPO on their local campuses in their local communities.
  2. Promote abstract submission for and participation in the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting and the AGHE Annual Meeting.
  3. Promote and organize participation in Careers in Aging Week.
  4. (Optional) Organize other events on their campuses and in their communities throughout the year, such as guest speakers, meetings, panel presentations, networking receptions; outreach programs; and discussion sessions on topics related to gerontological research, policy, practice, careers, and student topics such as internships.

Roles and Responsibilities of GSA Ambassador

  1. Communication with GSA staff.
  2. Submit midyear and end-of-year status reports to GSA staff.

Benefits of GSA Ambassador Program

  1. Networking opportunities with peers, mentors, colleagues, and leaders in the field of aging
  2. Mentoring activities and events
  3. Leadership opportunities within your campus/community and GSA and ESPO
  4. Spreading awareness of the field of aging

Enrollment Criteria and Selection Process

  1. Each campus/location may have up to two GSA Ambassadors who agree to work together.
  2. The applicant is a current GSA member.
  3. The applicant and the faculty adviser, if applicable, are willing to make a one-year commitment to serve in the GSA Ambassador and adviser capacities.
  4. A vacancy exists in the GSA Ambassador Program on campus.
  5. The enrollment form includes approaches to be implemented to address program objectives.
  6. Resources to support the GSA Ambassador Program are available from the faculty adviser applicant.

How to Get Involved

  1. Click here to enroll. Spring Cohort enrollment forms due January 31. Fall Cohort enrollment forms due August 31.
  2. Contact Megan McCutcheon with questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  3. GSA will maintain a master roster of all applicants and determine the eligibility of all applicants.
  4. GSA staff will notify all applicants.

If you are already a member of a campus gerontology student organization, you can also become a GSA Ambassador.

Current Ambassadors

Log in as a member to view the current cohorts.

The GSA Ambassador Program is supported by the GSA Innovation Fund. innovationfund