Molecular and Cellular Biology of Aging

Molecular and Cellular Biology of AgingThe approach in generating this comprehensive textbook has been to compare aging at the cellular and microbiological levels across multiple forms of life. It is now clear that the vast majority of living organisms display some aspects of aging, many of which appear to be conserved throughout evolution. This perspective is integrated into each chapter of "Molecular and Cellular Biology of Aging."

Comparative aspects of aging are emphasized throughout the book and, where possible, those molecular and cellular mechanisms are delineated, highlighting those that are unique to a particular species or animal group.

Important controversies and major gaps in our knowledge are discussed, both of which are vital considerations in a young field of research where some inconsistencies are apparent in the primary literature.

Aging is one of the most complex problems of our time. "Molecular and Cellular Biology of Aging" helps scientists to put it in greater perspective.

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