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Behavioral and Social Sciences Section
What are the benefits of choosing this section?
  • As the largest GSA section, BSS offers numerous networking opportunities
  • BSS includes behavioral and social science researchers, educators, policy makers, and practitioners from many disciplines
  • BSS members come from all over the U.S. and world
  • Exposure to cutting-edge research
What types of professionals affiliate with this section?
  • BSS membership includes economists, epidemiologists, political scientists, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, humanists, social workers, and other clinicians
  • Some of the topics BSS members study:
    • The distribution and impact of illness and disability in society
    • Life course transitions experienced in mid to late life
    • The relationships between aging individuals, their families and communities
    • The ways that individuals cope with adversity in old age
    • Programs and services for aging individuals and their families
    • The experiences of aging around the world
What sort of GSA activities and networking opportunities are available to members of this section?
  • Organize and/or present symposia, papers, posters, or roundtables for the annual meeting
  • Assume a leadership position in BSS, or on GSA committees and interest groups
  • Mentor junior colleagues and students both formally and informally
  • Stay abreast of BSS business, celebrate BSS successes, and meet and greet fellow BSS members at the annual section business meeting and luncheon
  • Develop and maintain collaborations through organized sessions and BSS activities
What opportunities are available for emerging scholars and professionals in this section?
  • Attend mentorship and research consultancy sessions at the Annual Scientific Meeting to meet one-on-one with experienced researchers in their field
  • Apply for a BSS travel scholarship to support attendance at the meeting
  • Submit your work for a student paper award given at the annual section meeting