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GSA Webinar Archive
GSA Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization (ESPO) Professional Development Webinar Series: Increasing the Odds that Your Manuscript will be Published

February 7, 2014

Feeling the pressure to publish? Struggling to know where to publish? Have questions about the publications process? For many new scholars, navigating the publishing path can be both exciting and intimidating. Join us for ESPO’s inaugural career development webinar that will address issues that often arise during the race to get published and will help guide you through this sometimes sticky process by highlighting common pitfalls. Discussion presented by Merril Silverstein, PhD, Professor of Aging Studies and Editor of the Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences.

Please contact ESPO at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information. 

Sleep Health and the Appropriate Use of OTC Sleep Aids in Older Adults

January 22, 2014

Nearly half of older adults experience disturbed sleep at least a few nights each week, and about a quarter of older adults report use of a sleep medication in the prior month. In October 2013, The Gerontological Society of America (GSA), in collaboration with Pfizer, engaged national stakeholders in a discussion on over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aid use by older adults and explored strategies for improving safe use of these products. During this webinar, join multidisciplinary experts to examine aging and sleep disturbances, the current state of OTC therapeutics for sleep disturbance, and pharmacist perspective on gaps in therapies and clinical practice.

Speakers include Steven Albert, University of Pittsburgh; Phyllis Zee, Northwestern University; Thomas Roth, Henry Ford Health Systems; and Michael Toscani, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy.

Understanding OTC Medication Behaviors of Older Adults: Research Is Needed to Better Understand and Promote Safe and Effective Use

September 25, 2013

Join three clinical and academic experts to explore the key components discussed during the April 2013 National Summit on OTC Medication Behaviors of Older Adults, including future research needs and practical solutions. Topics include OTC medication literacy, the perceptual and cognitive basis of OTC medication decision-making, the interface between clinical and family care in OTC medication use, and technologies to support optimal OTC medication use.

Click below to access:

This webinar was in partnership with the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA).

Learn What’s Happening with NIA Grants and Funding

June 9, 2011

GSA welcomed National Institute on Aging Director Richard J. Hodes, MD, for a discussion on federal budget constraints, their impact on NIA, strategies his agency is employing to address them, and a look toward the future. Hodes also addressed the institute’s tight payline (an agency’s funding cutoff point for grant applications), an issue of great concern to the research community.

Click below to access:

This webinar was co-sponsored by the Friends of the National Institute on Aging and the American Geriatrics Society, and was supported by the GSA Innovation Fund.

Advocacy Training for Take Action Week

September 13, 2011

In anticipation of September's Take Action Week, GSA's policy advisor, Brian Lindberg, led a conversation about how to advocate for federal research funding, and other issues important to GSA members. Lindberg discussed how to set-up a meeting with your Senator or Member of the House of Representatives, what to expect and how to prepare for the meeting, and the basics of communicating your message.

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Thinking Inside the Box:  A Strategic Approach to Message-Driven Posters

October 4, 2011

Scientific posters. You've seen them. You've created them. Now, it's time to look at them in a whole new way. GSA's Annual Scientific Meeting will feature several poster sessions, and many of you will have the opportunity to present your research and ideas to a large and varied audience. If you're interested in improving your poster and making the most of these sessions, join us for this interactive webinar featuring John Beilenson, president of Strategic Communications & Planning, who has been advising scientists about communications and their posters for more than a decade.

Click below to access:

Comparative Effectiveness in Older Cancer Patients: Age Versus Health Status

November 19 to 21, 2010

This series, recorded during GSA's 63rd Annual Scientific Meeting,  includes three sessions on topics related to comparative effectiveness research in older cancer patients. It is designed to create new opportunities for a broader national audience to discuss and provide suggestions of areas and questions that require comparative effectiveness evaluation in order to help both the provider and the older cancer patient.

Click below to access (with slides and transcripts):

The series was supported by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and co-sponsored by the International Society of Geriatric Oncology, the American Geriatrics Society, and the GSA Research on Cancer and Aging Informal Interest Group.