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A New Service Offered to GSA Members

MedInfoNow is a unique literature update service designed to save you time. GSA has become a MedInfoNow affiliate because  we believe it is better than any other literature update service:

  • It’s the only service that offers expert searches (developed by medical librarians who are accomplished Medline® searchers) of key topics in all fields of the health sciences.
  • It has the easiest and most intuitive search experience of Medline® on the web. You can narrow or broaden your search with one click.
  • It combines updates of the journal literature with updates of the book literature.

A subscription to MedInfoNow delivers a weekly literature update email customized to your particular areas of interest every Friday and full access to the web’s most comprehensive database of books (print and electronic) in the health sciences. MedInfoNow provides subscribers with the most advanced search tools to find the journal articles and books you’re looking for, seamless links to the electronic version of articles and books (when available), and lots of other features. MedInfoNow is currently being used by more than 70,000 healthcare professionals as a primary way of staying current with the literature. And we believe GSA members will be just as impressed at what a practical and time-efficient tool it is.

GSA has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist potential subscribers.

Subscriber Benefits
  • A weekly literature update e-mail that combines Medline® updates with news and reviews of print and electronic books in the health sciences from Doody’s Review Service.
  • The most user-friendly search experience available for Medline® on the web.
  • Literature Search feature (see below), producing quick and comprehensive key word searches of more than 3,000,000 journal articles.
  • “Instant Answer" feature for clinical decision support.
  • TOC alerts from your favorite journals each week.
  • Ability to "look inside the book" on hundreds of titles.

MedInfoNow is simply the most efficient way for gerontologists to stay current with the literature. Medline® data has never been better organized, indexed, or as accessible.

Exclusive Member Discount

A one-year subscription to MedInfoNow costs GSA members just $69, a 22 percent discount from the non-member price! To take advantage of this discount, please log in as a member in the blue box in the upper left, and a special code will appear here.

MedInfoNow represents the best value – it costs just $1.32 for each weekly update and the revolutionary search software saves you valuable time.

Most importantly, MedInfoNow saves you time so you can direct your energy to your most urgent professional concerns.

Click here to start a no-risk free trial of MedInfoNow to experience this revolutionary way to stay up to date with the literature in gerontology.

Literature Search

This free component produces quick and comprehensive key word searches of more than 3,000,000 journal articles.

Literature Search