GSA is known as a convener, collaborator, connector, communicator, and catalyzer in addressing pivotal issues in how we age.

Through our Corporate Leaders Forum and collaboration with our members, GSA provides venues for interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration that helps to advance the understanding of aging and support the GSA mission of Meaningful Lives as We Age. Members of our Corporate Leaders Forum collaborate strategically with the Society to address a wide range of issues impacting aging and older adults. These collaborations aim to improve the quality of life and care for older adults and promote the well-being of people through the application of interdisciplinary knowledge of the aging process and aging populations.

Corporate Leader Forum Resources

Corporate Leader Forum member collaborations address a variety of contemporary matters in gerontology such as brain health and dementia, obesity and overweight, vaccine-preventable illnesses, and oral health. Resources include publications such as toolkits, decision-support tools, infographics; podcasts; webinars; publications; and more. These resources, developed by GSA with support from our Corporate Leaders Forum members, are informed by panels of GSA member experts and freely available to any interested party on GSA’s Contemporary Matters in Gerontology portal.

Corporate Leaders Forum Member Benefits

Membership in the GSA Corporate Leaders Forum benefits our members, their organizations, the field of gerontology, and older adults. Members enjoy access to vital information and opportunities for active participation in Society initiatives that align with their organization’s mission. With support from our Forum members, GSA develops programs in a variety of media that focus on impactful strategies to improve the care of older adults and stimulate dialogue on issues that advance opportunities for all of us to have meaningful lives as we age.

There are many benefits of Corporate Leaders Forum membership:

  • Invitation to four annual Corporate Leaders Forum meetings
  • Access to all GSA peer-reviewed, high-impact publications and newsletters
  • Access to GSA Connect, the networking community of GSA members
  • Opportunities to receive one-on-one guidance to ensure their GSA Corporate Leaders Forum membership best meets their needs
  • Access to all GSA programming (e.g., webinars, podcasts)
  • Recognition in Gerontology News; on; on social media; and at the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting opening general session, on signage, and in the program app
  • Complimentary registration to the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Invitations to special events and activities associated with the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting, including the GSA Leadership Reception
  • Opportunities to learn from GSA members through targeted discussions or surveys facilitated by GSA
  • Ongoing dialogue and collaboration with GSA leadership and staff around issues surrounding aging and older adults

If you are interested in learning more about the GSA Corporate Leaders Forum member, please contact Jen Pettis, director of strategic alliances, at

GSA Corporate Leaders Forum Members

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