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GSA Journals Move to New Continuous Publication Model

James Appleby - CEO Blog

Following the GSA journals’ transition to online only publishing last year, GSA is bringing greater benefit to authors and readers in 2024 with the adoption of a new continuous publication model.

Under this model, articles publish directly into an issue as soon as the final version of record is complete. This means that when the corrected proof is ready, rather than publishing on Advance Articles (also known as advance access), the article will publish directly into an issue. The article is officially considered published for the purposes of impact factor calculation and various indexing services — because it is the article’s first appearance online in its final form. Note that manuscripts that have already been accepted will still publish on Advance Articles until the new model is fully implemented.

This publication workflow, which is already in use by GSA’s Innovation in Aging journal, reduces the number of days it takes for an article to appear in an issue, which translates to faster access for researchers to the final version of the article.

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