The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) is dedicated to bringing the diverse interdisciplinary team together to increase reverence for vaccines. 

Through our National Adult Vaccination Program (NAVP), we are focused on:

  • Collaborating with the multidisciplinary stakeholder community.
  • Conducting informative summits and producing meaningful publications, and webinars.
  • Advocating for policies that increase access to vaccines.
  • Training champions to increase vaccination rates.

Our current aim is to change the dialogue about vaccines from the narrow focus of an individual health benefit offering protection against a single target condition to a broad, far-reaching value to the individual and society.

Through our initiative, Concentric Value of Vaccination as We Age , we seek to illuminate, individual health benefits (e.g., increased life expectancy, prevention of exacerbation of preexisting conditions) and societal health benefits (e.g., prevention of antibiotic resistance) along with individual and societal economic benefits. In the diagram below, we highlight some of the many benefits of vaccines.

The objectives of this multi-year, multi-disciplinary, and multi-dimensional initiative are to:

  • Illustrate the wide-ranging benefits of appropriate vaccination of the 50+ population. 
  • Develop a value of vaccines model diagramming the wide-ranging benefits of appropriate vaccination of the 50+ population.
  • Formulate policy recommendations for older adults, clinicians, policy makers, and payors to ensure appropriate vaccination among the 50+ population.
  • Align and engage multidisciplinary stakeholders on the far-reaching co-benefits of vaccines.
  • Utilize the multidisciplinary community of interest to disseminate the messaging on the wide-ranging benefits of vaccination.

Additional Information on this important initiative is available from:

Karen Tracy, Vice President for Strategic Alliances | 703-624-5217

Jen Pettis, Director of Strategic Alliances | 518-368-9090

Patricia D'Antonio, Vice President for Policy and Professional Affairs | 703-402-7318