Individuals who do not meet the requirements of the other membership types with restrictions.

Early Career

For graduates transitioning into the workforce; available up to 3 (consecutive) years.

Graduate Student / Post-doc

Individuals who are enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education, those completing internship or residency requirements, and postdoctoral researchers and fellows.

Undergraduate Student

Undergraduates enrolled full time in accredited institutions of higher education.


Individuals who have been a member for 20 or more years and are no longer compensated for professional work. 

Members granted emeritus status prior to January 1, 2015, will be grandfathered in at their original emeritus dues rate.


Individuals who have not been a member of GSA for 20 or more years but are no longer being compensated for professional work.

AGHE Institutional Membership

GSA offers an Institutional Membership through The Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education.

Rate Varies

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