The Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization (ESPO) is one of GSA’s six membership groups that members can select for primary or secondary affiliation.

*All undergraduate, student and transitional members are automatically members of ESPO (it is not required to select ESPO as your primary or secondary affiliation). ESPO members are eligible to vote and apply for awards within ESPO regardless of their primary section affiliation.

Disciplines and Professions that Affiliate with ESPO

ESPO incorporates the disciplines of GSA’s other five member groups, as all student and transitional members are automatically part of ESPO and can select two other GSA member groups for their primary and secondary affiliation. Early-career members who do not qualify for student or transitional membership may choose to select ESPO as their primary affiliation.

Volunteer Opportunities

ESPO provides members a variety of ways to contribute, including organizing networking and educational programs, developing and supporting ESPO products and services, and serving in leadership roles. Learn more about volunteer opportunities here

Engagement Activities

ESPO organizes a number of virtual programs throughout the year, including webinars, informal writing support sessions, and networking events. In-person networking and programming for students and early-career members also occurs at the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting.


The ESPO officer list can be found here.

ESPO Awards

ESPO and GSA’s other five member groups, offer awards for students and early-career members, many of these providing financial support to attend the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting.


ESPO Started in 1960.

Products and Services

ESPO members have developed and manage products and services that target and support students and early-career members, including webinars and a dissertation/pre-proposal writing group.

Dissertation & Pre-Proposal Writing Group