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Student Leadership Award

Purpose of the Award

The Student Leadership Award recognizes a student whose leadership has advanced the goals and mission of the Academy for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) as well as the respective goals of his/her AGHE-affiliated institution. Nominees should exemplify a commitment to scholarship and advancing the cause of gerontology and/or geriatrics among their peers.

Nominees should demonstrate a commitment to the values of justice and service, think critically and creatively, and epitomize peer-mentorship.

The awardee receives a personalized award certificate, a letter to their program chair and academic mentor/advisor on behalf of the Academy, and will be recognized during the AGHE Business Meeting at the GSA Annual Meeting.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees must be a full- or part-time student at an AGHE-affiliated institution at the time of nomination. Nominees should demonstrate active involvement in service and leadership at both at the institutional level and within AGHE.


The AGHE Awards Committee will review nomiantions and select an awardee.


The nominator is responsible for submitting:

1. Letter of Nomination: The letter should address the purpose and qualifications of the Student Leadership Nominee cognizant of the Student Leadership Award description. The letter should emphasize service and student membership in professional organizations, including AGHE, rather than an exemplary academic record. Maximum: 2 pages.
2. Letter of Support: A minimum of one letter of support (and maximum of four) should be collected from colleagues of the Student Leadership Nominee (these may include student and/or professional colleagues within and/or outside the Nominee’s current institution). Maximum: 2 pages each.

3. Curriculum Vitae or Resume of the Student Leadership Nominee

Nominators are encouraged to work closely with nominees to ensure the strongest and most complete nomination package possible. Self-nominations are not permitted.

Nomination Process

Nomination submission closed on March 31, 2019.

Submission Deadline

March 31, 2019

Past Recipients

2018 Catherine Pérez | University of Southern California
2017 Colleen R. Bennett | University of Maryland, Baltimore County
2016 Amy J. Plant | Youngstown State University
2015 Katherine Humber | University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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