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Rising Star Early Career Faculty Award

Purpose of the Award

The AGHE Rising Star Early Career Faculty Award recognizes new faculty whose teaching and/or leadership stands out as impactful and innovative. The AGHE Rising Star Early Career Faculty Awardee will provide a lecture at the GSA Annual Meeting.

Note: Those nominated must be willing and able to attend the GSA Annual Meeting and present a lecture during the meeting.

Eligibility Criteria

Full-time faculty members at an AGHE affiliated institution with a maximum of five years (at the nomination submission due date) post degree-award teaching experience are eligible to be nominated for this award.


The AGHE Awards Committee will review nomiantions and select an awardee.


The nominator is responsible for submitting:

1. Letter of Nomination: The letter should address the purpose and qualifications of the AGHE Rising Star Early Career Faculty Nominee. The letter should emphasize teaching and/or leadership, rather than research, professional activity, or public service (unless those activities bear directly on teaching excellence). Maximum: 2 pages.

2. Letters of Support: A maximum of four letters of support (minimum of two) should be collected from colleagues of the AGHE Rising Star Early Career Faculty Nominee (within and/or outside his/her current institution; current and/or past undergraduate and/or graduate students; and/or representatives of the institutional administration). Maximum: 2 pages each.

3. Curriculum Vitae

Nominators are encouraged to work closely with nominees to ensure the strongest and most complete nomination package possible. Self-nominations are not permitted.

Nomination Process

Nomination submission closed on March 31, 2019.

Submission Deadline

March 31, 2019

Past Recipients

2018  Eric C. Schoenmakers | Fontys University of Applied Sciences
2017  Özgür Arun | Akdeniz University
2016  Pamela Pitman Brown | Winston-Salem State University
2015  Tina M. Kruger | Indiana State University

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