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Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty Honor

Purpose of the Honor

Nationwide, reliance on part-time and/or adjunct faculty to teach gerontology and/or geriatrics courses is very high. Without the efforts and dedication of these individuals, often at extremely low compensation, gerontology and geriatrics programs might not be able to deliver a full curriculum. Accordingly, AGHE invites you to nominate one of these individuals so that he/she might be formally honored for contributions to gerontology and/or geriatrics education at your institution.

Recipient(s) receive a personalized certificate at the AGHE Business Meeting at the GSA Annual Meeting.

Eligibility Criteria

Each member institution may nominate one part-time/adjunct faculty member per year.

  • Nominees should demonstrate high quality teaching as documented by peer and/or student evaluations.
  • Nominees should also demonstrate a long-term commitment (at least five years) to gerontology and/or geriatrics education both in the classroom and beyond.
  • Full-time faculty are not eligible to receive this award even if their gerontology and/or geriatrics assignments are part-time.

This is a honor rather than a competitive award. Those nominated are not required to attend the GSA Annual Meeting or be active members of AGHE.


Nominees will be reviewed and an awardee selected by the AGHE Awards Committee. Several individuals may be recognized each year.


The nominator is responsible for submitting the nominees curriculum vitae or resume.

Nominators are encouraged to work closely with nominees to ensure the strongest and most complete nomination package possible. Self-nominations are not permitted.

Nomination Process

Nomination submission closed on March 31, 2019.

Submission Deadline

March 31, 2019

Past Recipients

2018 Roger Anunsen | Portland Community College and Amanda P. Weber | Towson University
2017 Robert S. Anderson Jr. | University of New England, Lisa A. Kendall | Ithaca College and Robin Sherman | University of Massachusetts Boston
2016 Gregory D. Bearce | University of Southern California
2014 Victoria S. Thieme | University of New England, Judith Griffin | University of Massachusetts Boston and Barbara Hughes Leasure | Carroll Lutheran Village
2013 David Oliver | University of Missouri-Columbia
2012 Reeve Lipworth Goldhaber | Boston University and Louise M. Murray | University of North Carolina Charlotte
2011 Charlotte Paolini | University of New England
2009 Darlene Heian | Utica College
2008 Christa Caldarale-Ahern | The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and Catherine Ivy | Georgia State University
2007 Anne Summer | University of New England, John Hogan | Oregon State University and Marilynn G. Goering | Madonna University
2006 Kaye Herzer | Spokane Falls Community College

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