Member Sections

When joining the Society, GSA members are asked to affiliate with a section depending on their field of interest: Behavioral and Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, and Social Research, Policy, and Practice. Each section has its own bylaws, officers, committees, and activities, and organizes its own track of presentations at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

At the Society-wide level, the sections are represented on Council, the Society's governing body, and on standing committees. Members also serve on the editorial boards of the journals and on task forces and steering committees which oversee special activities and projects. Several standing committees also sponsor special activities such as task forces on drug therapy and on sensory problems of older people.

Also, the Society facilitates multidisciplinary networking through informal and formal interest groups organized around specific concerns of aging, e.g., AIDS, elder abuse, Alzheimer's disease, death and dying, grandparents as caregivers, nutrition and oral health.

Student members, in addition to joining the Society and an appropriate section, become part of GSA's Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization (ESPO), which has its own officers, committees, and activities, and is also represented on the standing committees of the Society.


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