Behavioral & Social Sciences Section

Trends Report

GSA brought members a new benefit in 2017 as a way to get a closer look at trends in aging based on our member sections. Click here to read the trends report from the Behavioral and Social Sciences Section.

What are the benefits of choosing this section?

  • As the largest GSA section, BSS offers numerous networking opportunities
  • BSS includes behavioral and social science researchers, educators, policy makers, and practitioners from many disciplines
  • BSS members come from all over the U.S. and world
  • Exposure to cutting-edge research

What types of professionals affiliate with this section?

  • BSS membership includes economists, epidemiologists, political scientists, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, humanists, social workers, and other clinicians
  • Some of the topics BSS members study:
    • The distribution and impact of illness and disability in society
    • Life course transitions experienced in mid to late life
    • The relationships between aging individuals, their families and communities
    • The ways that individuals cope with adversity in old age
    • Programs and services for aging individuals and their families
    • The experiences of aging around the world

What sort of GSA activities and networking opportunities are available to members of this section?

  • Organize and/or present symposia, papers, posters, or roundtables for the annual meeting
  • Assume a leadership position in BSS, or on GSA committees and interest groups
  • Mentor junior colleagues and students both formally and informally
  • Stay abreast of BSS business, celebrate BSS successes, and meet and greet fellow BSS members at the annual section business meeting and luncheon
  • Develop and maintain collaborations through organized sessions and BSS activities

What opportunities are available for emerging scholars and professionals in this section?

  • Attend mentorship and research consultancy sessions at the Annual Scientific Meeting to meet one-on-one with experienced researchers in their field
  • Apply for a BSS travel scholarship to support attendance at the meeting
  • Submit your work for a student paper award given at the annual section meeting

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